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  • japps13OPAtoRust@programming.devCargo env file?
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    Going opt-in instead of opt-out does not change the fact that I would still have to toggle the features manually. To be more specific, my use case is that I have a program to control cameras in my lab. But not all computers have the libraries for all cameras. So, every supported library can be enable/disable using a feature But the program being still in active development, I am frequently using cargo run, cargo check, cargo install, on different computers with different libraries installed. What would be convenient would be to have a configuration file on each computer, specifying that we will build only for PCO camera on this computer, only for Photometrics camera on this one, only Ximea and PCO on this one, instead of having to remember to toggle the relevant features every time. A shell script is not very convenient because I use different commands, run, check, install etc.

  • Thank you for the detailed and insightful answer. I’ll bookmark it to decide on the next books to read.

    First, the Relaunch Treklit novelverse is a separate continuity from the new television series. I personally prefer a lot of the choices of major political arcs in the Relaunch timeline better than the new shows. Interestingly, the last season of Picard started to bring in some parallels from the books, despite being a very different future for Picard himself.

    OK good to know. So I can continue forward and not get spoilt. Does it mean that they have stopped writing for this timeline, now that the new shows are out ?

    Una McCormack has a few more Cardassia focused books. If you haven’t read them all yet, I’d suggest those given your preference for her book in the Fall. The book with Dr Pulaski is great and important but should be read after the Bashir S31 sequence if you’re going to do that.

    You mean Enigma Tales, and Neverending Sacrifice, or are there others ?

    the Voyager books advanced much more slowly through the timeline. I found the Christie Golden books exasperating (mainly due to the constraints out in her by the IP holder). When Kirsten Beyer took over and started the Full Circle sequence she was given freedom to fix many issues. It’s a great set of return to the Delta Quadrant books. Some recommend just starting with ‘Full Circle’ and going forward from there. Beyer takes about the first half of that book catching you up and moving things forward.

    As a matter of fact, I remember reading some of the earliest of those Voyager books (paper version). But it is so long ago that I could as well reread them now. What’s “IP holder” ?

  • Keep in mind that superconductors have a critical current below which you have to be if you want to stay in the superconductive states. So for a superconductor to be useful for energy transport, this current has to not be tiny. I haven’t had the time to read their paper so I don’t know the value of the critical current. Also if for some reason the current suddenly goes beyond the critical current, the wire will heat suddenly, with possible damage…

  • My understanding is that they also need low thermal noise to ensure pure states. They cool much below the superconduction threshold temperature (eg typically 20 mK). So I am not sure that this would be useful for quantum computers at the moment. Magnetic field productions such as that in MRI requires high current, so that depends on the maximum current that this material can sustain before that breaks superconductivity. So it could perhaps turn out useful or totally useless. Hard to say at the moment.

  • Ma belle famille est totalement bretonnante. Mon beau père a appris le français à l’école (il a bientôt 70 ans). Je les entends parler breton et surtout utiliser le breton natif (versus celui appris en Skol Diwan) comme un shibboleth pour reconnaître le « vrai » breton du néo-breton. En tant que sudiste, j’ai bien senti plusieurs fois que j’étais quand même un estranger. Saint-Brieuc est un peu à l’est, à la limite du pays gallo. Plus à l’ouest ou dans les terres, il y a des bretonnants mais ils vont pas te le montrer forcément. J’ai constaté qu’il n’y a pas de volonté de transmettre la langue qu’il veut garder comme shibboleth. C’est très différent de mon expérience en Grèce où les amis m’ont appris beaucoup de culture et de langue, et avec joie et entrain. Je sais pas ce qu’il en est des corses, mais les tags mentionnés par OP me mettent mal à l’aise, mais je suis influencé par mon ressenti avec la belle famille bretonne.

  • I am not advocating for violence. However, it is not historically acurate to say that violence has no benefit. As a matter of fact, I can think of instances in the 18th, 19th and 20th century where violent protestors obtained rights or the end of some kind of oppression. I am not sure I can think of even one instance where anyone got anything without some kind of violence (or destruction of private property), even in the 20th century (there was violence in the May 1968 protests, or in the 1936 strikes, etc). The term “sabotage” itself has something to do with workers destroying the workshops by throwing their shoes (called “sabots”) into the machine.